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Articles tagged with: Dedicated Home Theater

How Integrators Help Architects Build Better Home Theaters

Harness our expertise to create a space that blends functional design with style and comfort

How Integrators Help Architects Build Better Home Theaters

If you’re an architect working in the custom homes field, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that more and more of your clients are asking for home theaters. To best accommodate your clients’ wishes, you want to design a home theater that’s stylish, functional and comfortable.

Unfortunately, you have hundreds of other things to worry about when you’re designing a home, making it difficult to devote your full attention to any specific elements. That’s where we come in; by hiring a home theater design expert like Bravas (Formerly Smart Systems), we can handle that aspect of the project while you devote your energy to other concerns. Today we’d like to show you the value of working with us on your project in the Fort Worth area of Texas.

3 Custom Home Theater Upgrades To Enrich Your Entertainment

Turn Your Home Into Your Personal High-Performance Cinema

3 Custom Home Theater Upgrades To Enrich Your Entertainment

If you love movies, you’ve probably considered a custom home theater for your Metroplex property – whether in the University Park area or elsewhere. It is the ultimate luxury for home entertainment, creating a cinema experience without the expensive tickets and concessions, sticky floors, and rude audience members checking their cell phones in the middle of the movie. You can actually make the performance of your home theater even better than your local multiplex with the right A/V technology, and in this blog, we look at three upgrades that guarantee you get the most out of your media. Keep reading to learn how these custom home theater upgrades will change how you engage with old favorites and new discoveries.

The Best Hidden Technologies for Home Theater Design

Add Dramatic Effect and Enhance Your Theater’s Aesthetics

The Best Hidden Technologies for Home Theater Design

If you’re adding a home theater to your property, you have many things to consider.

Not only might you strive for a high-performing cinematic experience, but you also might desire a theater that features a stunning design and wows guests every time they enter the room.

We love working with Dallas-area homeowners to combine high-end cinematic technology with innovative and attractive home theater design.

One of the best ways you can achieve this within your own home cinema is through hidden technology.

Below, we explore three technology concealment methods that can elevate the design of your home cinema and enhance the experience for both you and your guests.

Home Theater Installation: A Quick Guide Through the Process

Here’s What to Expect from Start to Finish

Home Theater Installation: A Quick Guide Through the Process

So you’re interested in getting a private home theater for your house – great!  But what does that entail exactly?

You might be stressing and fretting over starting this big project, as any new construction can be initially daunting.  There’s no need to worry though!

A home theater installation in your Highland Park, TX space can be a breeze if you know exactly what you’re getting into.  We go through a step-by-step guide for what to expect so you can be in the know and can rest assured everything will run smoothly.

Keep reading for more!

Home Theater Tecnologies

Great News.

Bravas (Formerly Smart Systems) is proud to announce that we are now part of BRAVAS. Experience our new website and learn more about the BRAVAS Dallas-Fort Worth family by clicking on the link below.

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