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Reinforce Your Home Automation System with SurgeX

Learn the Value Of Power Protection for Your Home

Reinforce Your Home Automation System with SurgeX

Are you considering a smart home upgrade for your property in the Westlake area? You’ll want to make sure that your system is supported by a power protection and energy intelligence solution like SurgeX, which eliminates surges and delivers a steady supply of clean power to your devices.

Smart home owners without power protection might be experiencing mysteriously malfunctioning equipment that forces them to reboot their devices constantly. It’s not the software or the hardware that’s the problem. It’s the generator supplying their home’s energy, and if your generator experiences frequent blackouts or brownouts, your entire home automation system is negatively impacted.

Keep reading to learn why you want SurgeX power protection for your Westlake home.

Learn How to Strengthen Your Smart Home Security System

We Break Down Why Back-Ups Are So Important

Learn How to Strengthen Your Smart Home Security System

Security is a top priority for smart home owners, and 90 percent of Smart Systems’ clients include security features in their integrated technology systems. People want to know that their families are protected, and smart technology allows you to create a comprehensive security system that is customized for your property.

Backup equipment is essential to a successful smart home security system, keeping your home on alert if the electricity or the Internet goes out. Keep reading to learn how these support systems strengthen your security technology and safeguard your home in the Southlake area.

Boost Your Business Security System with Access Control

Protect Your Dallas Office from Unauthorized Activity

Boost Your Business Security System with Access Control

The easiest way to keep your office safe is by putting security measures in place that keep out unauthorized individuals, which is why access control is such an essential part of business security systems.

There are a variety of different access control solutions available right now, from traditional card readers and keypads to fingerprint scanners and face recognition cameras. Access control is changing as technology evolves, and your Dallas-area company can reap the benefits of these advancements to create a more secure environment.

The Top Technologies of CEDIA Expo 2018

Discover the Latest Innovations for Your Home Automation System

The Top Technologies of CEDIA Expo 2018

The annual CEDIA Expo is where custom electronics manufacturers showcase their hottest new products, giving our team the opportunity to gain firsthand experience with the technology that is transforming residential and commercial spaces. Smart Systems partners Elan and Sony all brought their A-game for this year’s CEDIA Expo in San Diego, presenting compelling new advancements for your home automation system or high-performance audio and video setup. And we were there to experience it all.

Read on to learn about how each of these companies is creating products that can add convenience, beauty, and security to your Fort Worth-area home.