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Stay Cool in Texas with Motorized Blinds and Shades

How to Use Climate Control Technology

Stay Cool in Texas with Motorized Blinds and Shades

Summertime can get pretty hot in Highland Park, Texas with degrees getting up into the high 90s. So how do you stay cool without leaving the air conditioning on all the time? The U.S. Department of Energy says that cooling and heating use almost half of the energy in a typical American household. But we are happy to tell you that there are ways to avoid hiking up your utility bills and using too much energy. Motorized blinds and shades together with lighting control will help you battle against a sweltering summer. Here are some ways that Lutron motorized shades and automated lighting can keep you comfortable this season and even save some money and energy in the process.

How to Make Your Home Smarter in Dallas, Texas

Simple Yet Sophisticated Technology for Your Home

How to Make Your Home Smarter in Dallas, Texas

There are a lot of thoughts on what a smart home is, and with so many gadgets today you may wonder exactly what constitutes making your home “smart”. Bravas (Formerly Smart Systems) is your local smart home automation installer in Dallas, Texas who can show you what it truly means to live an electronic lifestyle. From having your home wake you up every day with hi-fi music and motorized shades, or enjoying a movie in 4K in your private theater, we can satisfy all of your home technology needs and desires. Keep reading to learn more.