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Home Theater Installation: A Quick Guide Through the Process

Here’s What to Expect from Start to Finish

Home Theater Installation: A Quick Guide Through the Process

So you’re interested in getting a private home theater for your house – great!  But what does that entail exactly?

You might be stressing and fretting over starting this big project, as any new construction can be initially daunting.  There’s no need to worry though!

A home theater installation in your Highland Park, TX space can be a breeze if you know exactly what you’re getting into.  We go through a step-by-step guide for what to expect so you can be in the know and can rest assured everything will run smoothly.

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Is Your Home Ready to Entertain?

Your Home Audio System is the Key to the Ultimate Get-Together

Is Your Home Ready to Entertain?

If you’re planning on having family and friends over for the perfect dinner party, you’ve got a lot of choices to make.

What drinks will you serve, who will you invite – and most importantly – will everyone have a good time?

There’s no denying that the right entertainment technology will go a long way toward ensuring your guests will feel relaxed and comfortable as the night goes on. 

One particular technology stands out as a must-have for any frequent entertainer: a home audio system. Below, we explore how to use home audio to make your Fort Worth, TX living space ready to host a fantastic event.


How the Bad Network Installation Stole Christmas

Our Network Tune-Up Service Gets You Ready for the Heavy Holiday Load

How the Bad Network Installation Stole Christmas

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, smart devices were hard at work. Smartphones, iPads, door locks, smart TVs, and more – each device competed for bandwidth on the Fort Worth, Texas home’s network.

The time of joy and festivities was spoiled by slow loading times, lag, and WiFi that was there one minute and gone the next! The family couldn’t stream their favorite Christmas movies or enjoy holiday tunes over their multi-room music system. In short, their holiday entertainment was less “Whoville fun” and more “Grinch gloom.”

Silly analogy aside, the holiday season really does put a strain on the average home network. And if your network installation is out of date or a DIY hodgepodge, you may find yourself in the situation described above.

That’s where a network tune-up comes in.

5 Landscape Lighting Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Outdoor Lighting Mishaps to Avoid

5 Landscape Lighting Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

The main purpose of landscape lighting usually surrounds curb appeal, safety, and security.  You want to enhance every aspect of your University Park, TX property, not just parts of it!

As you prepare your outdoor lighting installation, ensure that you make the right choices the first time, and don’t waste any valuable time fixing avoidable wrongs.

Here are 5 mistakes you can easily prevent when getting started on your landscape lighting.