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4 Areas of Your Home That Are Perfect for LED Lighting

Tunable lighting makes it easy to highlight artwork, set the ideal mood for entertaining, and more

4 Areas of Your Home That Are Perfect for LED Lighting

There’s a revolution underway in how people light their homes. Sophisticated homeowners want more than garden variety fixtures with incandescent bulbs. Advanced lighting control systems from Lutron and other brands give families much greater control over a home’s lighting design.

Where does this leave architects, interior designers and other industry professionals? This is an opportunity to demonstrate the value of these systems to potential customers. If you can show them how tunable lighting can improve their home and enhance their lives, they’re more likely to go to you when it’s time to start a project. Here are four living spaces where you can show off the power of LED light fixtures to your clients in the Fort Worth, TX, region.

What CEDIA 2019 Updates Can You Add to Your Custom Home Theater?

We’ll Look at 8K TVs, Audio Updates and More

What CEDIA 2019 Updates Can You Add to Your Custom Home Theater?

We look forward to the CEDIA Expo every year to learn what’s trending in the industry. Though the CEDIA crowds love exploring everything new in smart home technology, there’s something for everyone to marvel at in home theater gear.

Whether you want to view the largest screens, the showiest tower speakers or the atmospheric lighting that enhances the mood, CEDIA 2019 delighted every attendee who wanted to learn more about custom home theater setups and the technology that drives them.

Considering an addition or even a complete revamp to your current entertainment space? Keep reading to see what we found on the expo floor that we can’t wait to model in your Southlake, TX, home!

2 Home Lighting Control Problems That Architects Face

Smart Systems Will Help You Tackle the Common Design Pitfalls That Plague Dallas Clients

2 Home Lighting Control Problems That Architects Face

Lighting plays such an essential role in how we perceive the beauty and function of a space. A cozy living room’s lighting setup invites homeowners to sit and relax, while a bright kitchen or home office makes us feel energetic and productive.

No matter what space you’re designing or which vibe you’re hoping to create, Dallas, TX-area architects like you understand that for the luxury homes that we are targeting, the client is already investing in design and aesthetics. After all, they’re hiring not only us at Smart Systems, but also you, the architect, and possibly an interior designer. They’re trusting us to engineer and design spaces that they’ll continue to enjoy, and with minimal hassle.

Keep reading to find two common home lighting control design problems facing architects and integrators and what we can do together to mitigate both issues.

What Architects Should Know About LED Lighting Fixtures

How Human-Centric Lighting Helps Your Dallas-Area Clients

What Architects Should Know About LED Lighting Fixtures

As an architect, you are probably well aware that your clients are looking for human-based lighting in their homes. This type of lighting covers many bases, from aesthetics to function. But did you know the full scope of benefits you could be selling clients when you discuss LED lighting fixtures with them, and how Smart Systems can help?

If you’re looking for a Dallas, TX-based technology integrator’s support to complement your architecture expertise, we at Smart Systems would love to work with you. After all, we both share the same ultimate goal – to exceed clients’ expectations. Keep reading to get an inside look at what clients want from their lighting and how Smart Systems can support architects throughout the process.